Get your Signature Personally Analyzed and Reviewed Via This upcoming Hands-on, Small-Group Workshop
In this Free, Hands-on, Small Group Workshop, You Will Learn how to Unlock the power of Handwriting Analysis to Change Your Life Personally and Professionally
Personal Benefits:
  •  Improve your self-esteem and confidence
  •  Quickly change your bad (or self-limiting) habits
  •  Learn how to erase your limiting beliefs and fears 
  •  Talk to anyone anywhere and amaze and impress them
  •  Deeply understand and improve your relationships
  •  Help your friends and family change your life
Professional Benefits:
  • Quickly build rapport, likability, and trust with people 
  •  Make a memorable and significant impression on people
  •  Understanding your clients, business partners, and co-workers personality and character traits
  •  Tap into more opportunities to your career and business more quickly due to referrals and connections
  •  Boost your income in multiple ways 
For the First Time, we will reveal the exact Steps You can Use to Unlock the Power of Handwriting Analysis to Change Your Life Through Your Signature
You will learn the fastest way to gain the competence and confidence to not only analyze your own signature and others. You will also learn the accelerated methods we are now using at Handwriting University to help our students learn the necessary "core" traits to confidently analyze anyone's signature and handwriting in minutes. This skill will help you boost confidence, enhance social skills, and enhance both personal and professional relationships. 

This workshop is free, while seats are available.   This workshop is open to beginner and intermediate level of students who own any of Handwriting University's beginner materials including the 101, 100, Grapho-Deck, or Bart's books.  

Handwriting University Graduates, Mentors, and Certification students should not register on this page, but use this link to attend a class specifically designed for you. 
Select a Workshop Time This Week or Next That Fits Your Schedule
Just hold your signature to the camera
Understand Yourself Better
Get help spotting the negative traits in your signature.
Show Your Best Signature To the World.
Bring your signature and get advice on how to improve it.
Learn how to change your life with these tools 
Register now. Spaces are limited to 6-10 people per live workshop.
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